Mecalectro market leading Aero

By the performance of its products, MECALECTRO has responded to the most stringent expectations of the aerospace industry. Lock missiles on the Rafale to the brake control of the A380, our products provide major functions in which the reliability and security are priorities.


Particularly sensitive to the concept of power / weight ratio, Mecalectro ensures mastery of performance optimization and optimal traceability of the actuator required in this field.

Because-Mecalectro controls all the processes (design, production and traceability) and perfectly knows the constraints of the market, it can develop solutions that meet all your expectations, since the adaptation of a standard product until the creation of a specific product.


Our certifications EN 9100, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EASA PART 21F illustrate the prominence we give to the quality of our products and respect for the environment.

This actuator allows the electric lock control of the side stick when switching on autopilot throughout the range of AIRBUS.


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